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Your safety is very important to us. These are the measures we are taking to prevent the spread of covid-19.

We follow government rules about how many people can be in the same room. Currently, a maximum of 6 people can be together in the same room. If this number is increased or decreased in the future, we will adapt accordingly.

• If you are not the only group playing in the time slot, we kindly ask you to keep 1,5 m away, there is more than enough space to make this possible. Our employees will also keep their distance.

• We kindly ask you to put on your mouth cap in the waiting area/lobby. When you're in the room, though, it's up to you what you want to do. Our employees will always wear a mouth cap.

•We have hand sanitizers for you to use, as well as disposable gloves if you feel you need them.

•Our rooms are sprayed and wiped with 90% alcohol after each booking to ensure everything is clean for the next group.

Thanks for your cooperation, stay safe and enjoy your game!

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